Why Us

A Few Words About Us

Around 80% of those trying to diet and lose fat by themselves eventually regain the weight within 2 years. Losing fat is very hard to do by yourself!

 We are a community weight loss tracking platform that keeps participants mindful and motivated on their fat loss journey. We also provide discounts, rewards and prizes to our contestants from our sponsors and partners.

Lose Weight & Win Prizes/Gain Rewards

You need perseverance and mental strength to lose weight – rewards and prizes can help! SejutaKG will reward verified and qualified Contestants with annual prizes worth RM10,000! Find out more here.

Social Support For Encouragement

Friends and family members who are supportive of your healthy habits are important for your weight-loss success.

Your weight loss Supporter will help by: 

  • engaging, motivating and supporting you in your weight loss journey
  • sharing with you healthy weight loss tips to keep you mindful of your journey to good health
  • giving you a boost by occasionally buying you a healthy meal, coaching service or fitness session! 

Access To Offers & Services From Specialist Weight Loss Merchants

SejutaKG will match you with professional merchants who provide effective services that help you on your healthy weight loss journey.



Inspirational profiles and Guides

Getting to your goal is easier if you have someone to follow. Learn from SejutaKG Everyday Heroes and other community role models when they share their weight loss journeys, here on our website or in our app.



Digital Passport - Empowering A Healthy Lifestyle

Becoming healthier means becoming a new “you” – why not affirm and confirm the new “you” with a new digital identity in the form of a SejutaKG Digital Data Passport?

Digital Data Passports accomplish many things:

  • Keep track of your health progress
  • Maintain your vital information in a database owned by you
  • Provide certified and verified health data to others based on your consent

Tracking your progress on your own Digital Data Passport opens many doors for you. 

Access to services and products that help achieve your weight loss or fitness goal 

More personalised rewards that are more suitable for what you need and want

More understanding of your own health profile

All done without compromising your privacy. 

SejutaKG has partnered with UK-based Dataswift to issue SejutaKG Digital Data Passports. Rated “A/A+/A”  by the privacy watchdog HAT Community Foundation for security and privacy, the Data Passport personal information infrastructure network is transforming the 21st Century Internet into a more personalised and privacy-protecting world. Find out more about Dataswift here.

SejutaKG Digital Data Passports are provided free when you join SejutaKG!


Let’s Help Malaysians lose 1 million Kilograms together!