Who We Are

SejutaKG Founder’s Story

Hi!. I’m Gabriel Ng. I run a community office space in KL Eco City Bangsar.

Why did I establish SejutaKG

I like to see people get healthier. It makes them happy, and that also makes me happy. For those who are overweight, they usually report these happy results after losing some kilograms of fat:

  • They sleep better
  • They taste food better
  • Their knees are less painful
  • They fall sick less often
  • They feel better about themselves

But I have also seen how those who are overweight have many health problems.

  • When they fall or injure themselves, they suffer more – this happened to my father
  • They have all kinds of health problems – diabetes, stroke, heart attack – this happened to 3 uncles and aunties and my own father
  • They have to go for knee surgery – this happened to 2 aunties
  • The last years of their lives are spent in pain and on medication

During Covid, I had a more time to think about this. I became very worried for our community because I saw disturbing pictures of how the patients who suffered most were all very big sized.  And more than half of Malaysians are overweight! 

So I decided to develop an app to help people lose weight in a fun and simple way.


Why Simple

Just weigh yourself to start and enter your weight in the app. Record a video of you weighing yourself in front of a phone camera and send it to our WhatsApp line to verify your starting weight. 

Watch the videos we have compiled/curated to learn the way to lose weight that suits you. You can also find weight loss experts who can coach you, or health products that can help you lose weight in the way that works for you.

Follow the tips you’ve learnt and weigh yourself to check your progress every few days

Why Fun

We are getting companies to sponsor prizes for losing weight and getting healthier

We have prizes for losing 5kg and losing 10 kg and reaching your healthy weight. You can see these prizes in the app when they are announced by our sponsors.

When you have achieved the goal for the prize, record a video of you weighing yourself in front of a phone camera and send it to our WhatsApp line to verify you have achieved that goal.

That’s it!

Specialist Panel (Messaging):

Dr Sulin Chow
Prof Winnie Chee
Ms Lee Voon Yee 

We also have an eminent group of Advisors!

Advisory Panel (Research/Cooperation):

Prof Andrew Choong
Prof Irene Ng

If you’d like to join the SejutaKG movement as a community organiser or ambassador: let us know!



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Let’s Help Malaysians lose 1 million Kilograms together!