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SejutaKG is here to encourage and empower Malaysians who want to lose weight and get healthier. Are you a merchant or business with a product or service that can help them?

Join the SejutaKG platform and get your free SejutaKG Merchant Web Terminal. With it, you can list your product or service to our SejutaKG members on their personal, trusted  data passports, which they will be using to track their weight loss and win prizes!

SejutaKG members are Participants, Contestants or Supporters and you can target each category individually depending on the marketing focus of your product or service.

Or, if you already have weight loss customers, enrol them on SejutaKG so that they can have an extra boost on their journey by having the chance to win our sponsored prizes!


Speak, text or Zoom with a SejutaKG Merchant Representative today and charge up your business while helping Malaysians lose 1 million kilograms together!



Does the well-being of Malaysians affect your long-term business?

Would you like your brand associated with a positive, high-impact, community-minded health and wellness initiative?

Would you like to drive health-conscious or newly health-conscious customers to your web page, branch or social media channels?

Would you like to help Malaysians get healthier?

And lastly, would you be willing to make health a part of your employee development program?

If the answers to the above is YES, then sign your company up to be a SejutaKG Partner!

Partners have the opportunity to::

  •  Provide a set number of prizes for users trying to get healthier
  • Prizes can be for Outcome based challenges (eg. achieving a user’s BMI goal) or Behaviour based challenges (eg. weighing yourself every day)
  • Provide internal communications to staff for them to join SejutaKG as individuals
  • Commit to making employee health part of employee assessment and development
  • Create internal staff challenges and prizes to get healthier 

Join SejutaKG as a Sponsor and achieve your CSR, ESG and SDG objectives! Talk to us today:

Are you trying to lose weight and want to see which merchants and what offers are on the SejutaKG platform and data passport? Sign up and get your free SejutaKG digital data passport now!