Meet Su Ann

Su Ann

  • 45 years old
  • Was: 73kg
  • Now: 57kg
  • How long: Su Ann took 4 months to lose this weight (Oct 2021 to Jan 2022) – 4kg per month.
  • Maintained this weight: For 1 month so far.
  • What she did: Intermittent fasting, protein shake meal replacement, clean eating, moderate exercise, sleep early to avoid supper (#1 Achilles heel!)
  • Hunger pang strategy: keep healthy snacks around, focus mind on goal by keeping busy, change social activities from being food focused

“My biggest win is not the weight loss per se. It is the mental clarity & emotional well being by-product from just being lighter & fitter. Two years of pandemic made me stressed, nervous & anxious and I am glad to be in a much better place.”

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