Contestant and Supporter


INDIVIDUAL Annual Lucky Draw Prizes for 2022

1 x 10 days trip to Turkey for 1 Contestant.
1 x 10 days trip to Turkey for 1 Supporter.
(Contestant and Supporter can travel separately or together)


  1. Contestants must Register on the SejutaKG website as a Participant. In order to be a Participant you need to be overweight or obese on your BMI index.  

  2. You need to get you initial weight and height verified! How? Two ways 
    i. ONLINE: go to TCMS website and do an online weight and height verification. 
    ii. OFFLINE. 
    Go to a SejutaKG Network Partner (pharmacist or dietician or clinic) and fill up official paper form and WhatsApp or Email the form to SejutaKG hotline. Make sure the Network Partner scans your Participant Data Pass.

  3. Participant gets upgraded to Contestant once completing steps 1-3  and can then activate the Contestant Data Pass.

  4. Registering Period for Dec 2022 prize draw:
    Jan 1 2022 to Jun 30 2022
    Must complete steps 1-2 above before 30 June 2022 in order to qualify for the prize draw in Dec 31 2022
  5. Contestant Pool
    There will be 1 pool based on starting weight:
    ASIAN BMI Overweight and Obese (BMI >23)

    The top 50 will be entered into a prize draw on 2 Jan 2023, with the top 50 ranking based on total weight loss towards BMI 22.9, the upper weight in the healthy BMI range (Asian). Example:
    1. User A, 18.0kg
    2. User B, 17.5kg
    3. User C, 17.4kg
    4. etc.

      The prize of 2 tickets to Turkey will be awarded to one (1) Contestant and one (1) Supporter of that Contestant (they do not need to travel together).

    5. Weighing in

      Contestants must weigh in on any date from Dec 15 to Dec 31 2022 at designated weighing centres to determine final ranking and eligibility for prize draws. Only the Top 50 will enter the lucky draw

Supporter must be the registered Supporter of the Contestant and must have also registered a SejutaKG Data Passport.


What will you need to do? Everyone needs a cheerleader in their life, especially when trying to accomplish difficult but important goals. Be that cheerleader for someone you care about! Using the SejutaKG community platform (forum, group message and sponsorship), you can show your support for your friend or loved one in the following ways:


  • participate in messaging for encouragement & motivation during difficult periods
  • provide useful tips on guiding your friend or loved one when they need it (these health tips will be provided to both you and your friend)
  • give a boost by buying for your friend or loved one healthy meals, diet plans or exercise sessions.