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Malaysians’ Challenge

The results are clear: Covid-19 is more likely to hospitalise and kill those who are obese. Studies have shown obesity is a significant comorbidity1 to the disease and causes high blood pressure and diabetes.2 Are you at risk?

The reality is that Covid-19 will be endemic in our society; our health will become even more important to be able to work, live, learn or play normally.3  Outbreaks are expected to continue, and while vaccinations will save a lot of lives, it is still important to be healthy to reduce the impact of infection.

The bad news is that Malaysia is the most obese country in Asia at 45% obesity rate and 16% diabetic rate.4 

Poor health is a continuous loss to families, livelihoods and communities. It is time for Malaysians to come together to fight this challenge as a community with our friends and family.

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